Trump’s tariff nonsense trying to give back to American steel companies what they never should’ve lost but for their own hubris.

Happy Jessica Jones day! All about her ratty jeans.

Is the show out today, not Netflix’s usual Friday release day, because of International Women’s Day.

Yes, Alexa is laughing at you. Yes, Amazon knows about it.

Like a podcast version of techy Black Mirror shit. The part about deep fakes starting a nuclear war uhhhhhh.

Coke with alcohol, made by Coke.

Some of Best Buy’s Geek Squad is working for the FBI.

A song by Rudimental is the best Macklemore song since Same Love. It features Macklemore and Jess Glynne.

I think it’s best for Lebron to stay in Cleveland with another 1+1 deal. But the billboard wars have moved to LA.

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