Babe Ruth’s importance to defeating cancer.

Yea…of course I saw Black Panther being teased 8 years ago in Iron Man 2.

Black Panther easter eggs. IGNORE 21.

Horrific. Train conductors are essentially unwilling executioners.

Star Trek Discovery is in the prime universe – the correct one – stop with this excessive speculation.

The FBI had a tip on the Florida shooter and did nothing. Trump, fire them. Fire them all.

I encourage a nationwide school walk out. What does a gun-loving teacher think about the endless shootings?

Someone had a good line about Shaun White and the sexual harassment stuff. Good people can do bad and dumb stuff. I guess it just depends HOW bad and dumb.

Someone else’s rules of life.

Wow. Let’s vacation in Bulgaria on the Black Sea.

There’ll be no Transformers 6 – mercifully. Hello. Call me. I’ll steward the next incarnation of the films.

When it comes to sports, I’m all for hard, deep data. Listening to M. Night Shyamalan analytically discuss emotions is interesting. Stat heads would give him grief, but he has sound anecdotal arguments.

Blade was a fine movie trilogy.

The FCC chairman is a spineless shill for corporate America. Fuck him.

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