Comedy + Facebook, but moreso about the shift to paying for more content that was usually free.

That link above is from this blog, which opined…I’d add one more factor to Potter’s analysis. Since the advertisers care about eyeballs, advertisement-funded media are incentivized to produce more eyeballs. Such incentives tends to encourage lowest-common-denominator entertainment but also more political balance. Subscription-funded media, in contrast, face a tradeoff: subscribers want content that supports their world view so moderating the content to appeal to a larger audience will likely reduce the price that any one reader is willing to pay. Revenues are therefore larger with a smaller but more political extreme audience.

Hollywood should leave the Joker alone. Reimagine the Penguin for the 21st century OR look into creating Hush for a movie.

I can’t believe Reg E. Cathey was only 59.

The Olympics are mostly irrelevant.

There’s a shiny red car in space.

She sold 300 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, outside of a pot shop.

Jason Kelce’s speech at the Eagles parade has Hulk Hogan wanting him at Wrestlemania.


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