Lebron to the Warriors? Highly unlikely. I’ve often said though, if you REALLY are ALL about winning titles, most players in these situations have enough money. Take the league minimum and go to the best. It’ll never happen. The union would go sideways with madness.

The iPhone X, not such a big deal. I’m cool with my 8. Which is just a faster version of my 6.

Whoa. There’s going to be a Passion of The Christ sequel. Could be visually extraordinary to watch the journey from death to resurrection.

Iceland is a trendy place to visit, but it also seems like a fantastic place – for someone like me – to live.

A new shield – BIG DEAL – for Captain America in Infinity War.

First set pics of GOT S8. Also, I would presume it could debut as early as the second Sunday of February 2019. Why? Why wait till the summer? GOT only really needs football out of its way. And it really doesn’t even need that. Westworld S2 plays into the calculus too. If that’s out before the end of this year, I think it’s more likely GOT is back sooner than next next summer.

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