MOM, GRAMMY, I made the Jewish News!

Jewish Federation News HERE.

Speaking (invite me?) at Temple Shomer Emunim on February 11 about my adventures in my own mental health.

I’ll be honest (when am I not) December was a crummy month, filled with some Intermittent depression. I know some numbers will indicate it’s a high month for suicides, due to the holidays, and I suppose people lacking closeness. The idea was contemplated but never ruminated on.

The source of my 💩 was the weather. Yesterday, I couldn’t be outside enough. I truly loathe winter. I don’t buy into the Scandinavian quote about ‘no cold days, just appropriate clothes.’ I’m probably part cold blooded Stegosaurus (dinos are birds, it’s just an analogy cmon!). Also, I wasn’t jealous or sad I didn’t have scores of people to celebrate things with – I was actually home for 8 days in December. Stress and depression free, home, for the first time in a long time.

I was down because YOU were busy. Yep. During my semi-retirement, partial-hibernation I’ve worked to share my time with people and endeavors who I want to make part of my future. But, everyone was busy. Businesses slow, vacation get taken, time off is used, surgeries to use up that deductible, it’s family time, the holidays grind my goals to a halt. I’m not mad at you. You deserve who you care for! I was a bit upset with myself. Knowing this period was coming.

Oh, and I missed my LONG dog walks around downtown. I’m sure the boys missed it too. They often broke up days.

Happy to report there was never a string of days – 2 at most – where the existentialism set in. That’s my indicator of ‘oh shit, the D word.’

The calendar has turned, and it’s been a busy week. Back at it. Connecting with those who I can help. Ultimately that’ll lead to employment and long lasting contentment.

If you need me, you know where to find me.

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