Eric Chase!

Seemingly superhero… actually just¬†real cool guy who’s dealing with the same things you are.

Who is Eric Chase:

Many years ago when he was just a small boy, his parents were murderously gunned down in Crime Alley in the Narrows. From this act arose a legendary orphan and the world’s most psychologically damaged superhero.

Bruce Wayne watched his parents killed.

‘Well, a guy who dresses up like a bat clearly has issues.’ Christian Bale Batman Begins 2005

And for the trillionth time you’ve been told the origin of the Batman.

I got some lousy brain chemicals, and HELLO Bipolar II. Thanks, Dad! He hates that. There’s a lot more to it than just that, but that’s a good place to begin.

We all come about our mental health issues in different ways. You, me, Bruce Wayne.
While I had some playboy tendencies when was in my 20s, I wasn’t on a Bruce Wayne budget as I matriculated through my chosen career of radio. And I certainly didn’t have any of his peak human abilities that allowed him to be a superhero.

Sorry to inform – for both our sakes – I don’t have a single traditional superpower.
Traditional is the key word there.

No World’s Greatest Detective, no you-won’t-like-me-when-I’m-angry green rage, no web shooters, no regenerative healing abilities with indestructible claws.

My superpower is being the voice you won’t or can’t have to speak about your mental health. Middle finger emoji to taboo and mental health stigma!

Want to Watch a few Videos?

See how I can Help.

How I can help:

After he retired my Dad did some work in the counseling field. Trying to aid the recovery of those with brain injuries, drug + alcohol addicts and much more. Even with his hard-earned education, some wouldn’t take his assistance. He’d never been like them. At all.

Sometimes, experience over education.

I’ve drank too much because it was an escape from debilitative sadness and corrosive anxiety. I’ve used sick days for mental health clarity, as I lay under the covers of the bed, not with a fever, but a lingering mysterious melancholy. I’ve said NO to medications because the side effects were harder to manage than the disease itself. I’ve had friends, and even therapists who angered me because ‘they just didn’t get it.’ I’ve wanted to be dead, and have thought about ways to carry out the act.

I’m like you.

But I’m medicated and therapied up, so I’m still here, and for many, in enviable shape. You need to be here. For yourself, and for those that care about you.

I’m a media person and comic geek. I can’t write you a script or walk you through cognitive behavioral therapy.

I CAN get you over the stigma of not helping yourself.

I CAN embolden you to battle your negative emotions + thoughts that dictate your life.

I CAN be your motivation to saying, and more importantly thinking things like, ‘yes, I want to feel good,’ ‘yes, I want to enjoy the things I have in my life,’ and ‘yes, I want to wake up in the morning and win the day!.’

You’re here, and you read all this. Good news. You’re already on the path to improving!

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